Glass and light luminaries

A World of Facets


EKAYE offers you lighting fixtures made of glass and lead using an ancestral art: the stained glass technique.

A meticulous assembly of carefully chosen textures and shimmering colours that create this shell of light.

And from this confrontation of materials, from this play of rhythmic resonances, a luminous halo is projected with a mobile and undulating radiation.
Harmonious diffractions. Rhythmic. Soothing. Bewitching.
Simple and elegant, each design of our lighting fixtures is mainly inspired by the sobriety of the Art Deco period, its architecture and the fashion of the 1920s.

Thought as art objects, strong prisms of any decoration, our pieces are iconic and timeless.

Each one is unique. It is a reflection of our imagination as much as that of its purchaser.
Thanks to different light sources, coloured or not, each lamp will be integrated with tact in your environment or will burst out intensely, like the central piece of your interior.

In this way you can create your own impression, your own light variations, your own EKAYE.

EKAYE- Luminaires en Vitrail

Art Déco 2.0

Art Nouveau 2.0

Lili E. Collection

Custom-made creation


Art Déco 2.0

” On se maintient, on se retient, on se contient ” : ”We hold ourselves, we restrain ourselves, we contain ourselves” would say the philosopher Eric Fiat in his  Petit traité de dignité : Little treatise on dignity .

“Art Deco” is short for “Decorative Arts”.
This artistic movement began in the 1910s, reached its peak around 1925 and then slowly declined until the late 1930s.

This sober and distinguished collection, guided by this incredibly abundant period, displays a certain postural dignity. White, black, straight, architectural lines.


Art Nouveau 2.0 Collection

Collection, inspired by the short period of Art Nouveau that appeared in the late 1890s and reached its peak in 1905 and ended in the 1910s.

Also humorously called “Art Nouille” in France, Art Nouveau is characterized by its arabesques and floral ornamentation suggested by trees and nature. All in soft curves but also sometimes tormented.


Lili E. Collection

Bright, colourful, customisable and also made-to-measure lampshades.

Custom-made creation

In this section, you will find some of our custom-made creations for our clients.

Our Collaborations

Unique pieces created by four hands.
Combinations of techniques and materials. Poetry, pure sensibility.


Archive of our sold creations


EKAYE Creations are available for sale directly on the store but also on various digital partner platforms.