Under the EKAYE, two designers:

Manuela ZUMELAGA & Frédéric ARANAZ


Manuela and Frédéric have always shown a keen interest in the world of the arts.

Classical as well as contemporary arts, musical as well as pictorial, their tastes have travelled, their curiosity has been nourished, their senses have vibrated. Contrasting are the sounds that have influenced them, the silences that have caught them, the oppositions of colours that have made their creative souls crackle.

From her years spent in Sanaa during her early childhood, Manuela has kept her interest in architecture and in stained glass windows, which are very present in these Yemeni buildings, which look like ancient skyscrapers made of raw earth.

Always driven by his curiosity, Frédéric has had a thousand lives. As a true self-taught artist, he works with wood and stone, and then develops his technical skills with glass.

When they created the EKAYE models, Manuela and Frédéric wanted to make this ancestral art of stained glass coexist with our contemporary interiors. Through their creations, they aim to make your house, your flat, what Gaston Bachelard called:

“This little corner of the world situated between the Earth from which we surely come and the Sky to which we may go”.

Man Ray, “Noir et blanche”, 1926

Réinterprétation de Man Ray, Noir et blanche, 1926 par EKAYE

Reinterpreted by EKAYE 2020